Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Fixes: "Network Protocols Are Missing On This Windows Computer" error

Windows is pretty popular, to say the least, as far as PC Operating Systems are concerned. But it does have its fair share of errors. You cannot have a machine run smoothly for forever.

But hold of! Before you blame your PC or the OS for this, you’ll be surprised to find that this error is actually your internet service provider’s fault. Or maybe the wires. Nothing your computer is involved in, for sure.

Anyways, if you’re wondering how to solve the “Network Protocols Are Missing Of This Windows Computer” error, here are some easy ways to try.

Check the wires and the WiFi Router

The first easy method to try to get your internet connection up again is to press in the wires firmly if they happen to be loose. Check your WiFi Router and you should be able to see internet indications and determine if the connection is OK or not.

Reconnect to the internet

It can be that the session expires and doesn’t refresh. If this is the case, you can either plug out and plug in the LAN cable, or simply disconnect the WiFi, wait a few seconds and then reconnect to it.

Troubleshoot the protocol

Go to Network and Internet settings, and then choose WiFi or Ethernet, whichever you use. Go to Change Adapter Options and in the detailed information, you should be able to single out the problem. Right click, go to Install and then to Protocol. This will take you to a menu with a few protocols you can select and install to run the internet again. It can be a bit boggling to do, so follow this guide step by step.

Call a guy

It’s no shame in admitting we can’t always make things work with a little blog to help us out. Your WiFi Router probably has a customer care number written at the back. Call it. Or, call your internet service provider.

I hope this helps you get your internet back up again. Tell me if there are other solutions you know in the comments below.